Barry Nykolaishyn
Barry Nykolaishyn
Barry Nykolaishyn
Barry Nykolaishyn
Barry Nykolaishyn
Barry Nykolaishyn

Celebration of Life

2:00 pm
Thursday, June 20, 2024
Forestburg Community Centre
5402 50 Ave W
Forestburg, Alberta, Canada
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Obituary of Barry Nykolaishyn

We celebrate Barry and the best life he could’ve possibly lived. There are many things that Barry loved and cherished throughout his life. One of the most important things to him was his family. He loved spending time with them and ensuring he was able to attend all of the important family events. He was a big momma’s boy. He also loved building things with his dad and learning from him. Whether it was working on the lawn mower, building the bbq or working on trucks. His dad raised him to be the man that he was. Barry also had a soft spot for his step siblings and his step momma’s soups. Every time homemade soup was on the stove you always knew Barry would be the first to dig in. Family was not the only thing that he loved. He was hard worker and highly motivated to succeed and make his own money. This led him to get a job working on rigs, for Barry it wasn’t just a job but a place where he met so many new people and life long friends It became a place that was like “home” to him. Barry also loved loud vehicles and being able to show them off. As some might say his orange car was a “fart can” but he loved it. He always wanted to show off how loud his vehicles were, which often got him posted to the Forestburg rant and rave but he didn’t care, because he was doing something that made him happy and made his friends laugh. Barry was also quite the lady’s man.  Everywhere and anywhere he would go there would be a would girl following him around. He was a smooth talker and just had a way with the ladies. The laughter and smiles that Barry brought into every conversation will forever be cherished by anyone who was ever lucky enough to witness it. Barry was the type of guy that knew how to make people smile and bring them up. He always wanted everyone to have a good time and if you weren’t he would make sure that you smiled at least once. Barry was a tough guy but he had a soft spot for his sister. He loved her with his whole heart, he may have “hated” her and thought she was annoying when they were younger but as time passed and they got older they started to love the same types of things. Their relationship flourished. They were attached at the hip and some might say the best brother sister duo ever. If there was a party you knew the Nykolaishyn siblings would be there. He was very protective of her and always wanted the best for her. Barry’s laugh was contagious, no matter what situation it was he would look at the positive side and find a way to make it funny, this was one of his best qualities.  He may have had a tough guy act but he truly cared about all of his friends and family he always made sure that they were safe and having fun. Barry was kind, caring, outgoing, and a respectful young man. He had a personality that is truly unmatched to anyone else. The memories we share with him will never be forgotten.


Barry had the biggest passion for fishing… teach a man to fish… and he did any chance he had, Barry was always there to lend a hand to anyone at anytime, his love for anything mechanical from a small lad, lead him to his love of OBS trucks and his dream to rebuild his 1996 k1500 Chevy… his dream will live on with the kindness of the friends he built in his small time with us and the fundraiser they began for BARRYS DREAM… our world will never spin the same again, be free my boy till we meet again❤️


Celebration of Life will be held at the Forestburg Community Centre on Thursday, June 20, 2024, at 2:00 pm.


Born in Daysland, AB to Sara J and Mike N, Barry’s journey was one filled with laughter, love, and cherished memories. Growing up in Daysland/Strome area, he touched the lives of all who knew him. Barry graduated from Forestburg High School in 2022, alongside his closest friends, marking the beginning of many unforgettable adventures.

Barry’s passion for Chevy trucks and his magnetic charm with the ladies were unmistakable traits, but his greatest loved was reserved for his sister Kaylee, with whom he shared a bond both unbreakable and mischievous.

Whether at work in the oilfield, enjoying truck rallies, gaming with friends, or spending time with family, Barry’s infectious smile and caring nature left an indelible mark on everyone he encountered. He had a knack for brightening any room with his happy-go-lucky attitude and his unwavering generosity.

Barry is preceded in death by his grandmother Gerry Nykolaishyn and grandfather Kenneth Johnson. He is survived by his loving sister Kaylee Nykolaishyn, mother Sara Johnson (stepfather James Johnson), father Mike Nykolaishyn (stepmother Niki Nykolaishyn), and step-siblings Ethan (Hailey), Jordan (Madison), Sarah, and Jade Bownes.

Please join us as we come together to celebrate Barry’s life, sharing cherished memories and finding solace in each other’s company. Refreshments will be provided in the hall following the service.

Forever in our hearts, Barry will be dearly missed but never forgotten.

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